About Us

The Georgia Tech chapter of Chi Epsilon was chartered on January 31, 1943 by 15 Civil Engineering students as the 20th Chi Epsilon chapter. Over the years we have grown to our current membership level of over 80 active students and 1800 alumni. We conduct several social events each semester geared toward bringing the Civil Engineering society closer. In addition, we always look for opportunities to ensure the success of our members. A great example of this commitment is the Civil Specific FE review program which we created in 2006.

Due to Chi Epsilon’s focus on creating successful Civil Engineers, Georgia Tech Chi Epsilon alumni have gone on to lead successful and meaningful Civil Engineering careers all over the world. Here is a brief statement of one of our outstanding alumni.

“…I currently live in Germany… Right now, I am working as the chief of the design branch for the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) for the Darmstadt military community. My job is to design projects, along with my all locally-hired (German) staff, that will help maintain a good quality of life for the soldiers and their families that are stationed here.…I feel it’s important to bring a little bit of America to our installations overseas so that our soldiers and their families are more comfortable during their tour of duty.”– Lewis Miles, P.E. Chief, Engineering Services Branch

Weekly Meetings

At our meetings, speakers from around the area come to share about projects that they are working in addition to their past working experiences.  These meetings are a great opportunity to gain contacts within companies and to find out what you are looking for in your future career.  Meetings are held every other Thursday at 11:00 am in the Mason Building, Room 3132 and lunch is provided. The meetings will be held in person this semester. We look forward to seeing you!